2012. július 10., kedd

Idiom of the week - Have you ever heard of it?

"To cost an arm and a leg"

Kerstin: Wow! I love those boots. They are gorgeous!

Sarah: Really, well you should do, I bought them in Harrods.

Kerstin: (Surprised) Harrods!!! That’s the most expensive shop in town.

Sarah: (Showing the boots elegantly) I know, but just look at them, aren’t they so me.

Kerstin: (Looking just a little bit envious) They suit you, that much is true, but…

Sarah: But what? (Raising her eyebrow)

Kerstin: Well, it is not payday yet and there you are buying really expensive boots.

Sarah: You’re right they did cost me an arm and a leg. But who cares!! Thank you credit card! They look fantastic and you only live once!!

Kerstin: (Rushing out the door) That is it, I’m going shopping!!!!!!!!!!

Meaning: it is very expensive, it costs a lot, it costs a fortune

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