2012. május 9., szerda

Párbeszéd egy londoni pubban:)

Brit szleng, avagy mi az, amivel többet „tanulhatsz”, ha Angliába mész nyelvet tanulni, de legalábbis megérted a helyieket!

Bloke A: Did you see the game last night?
Bloke B: Nah, couldn’t, was out with that blond we met last week, but won’t be seeing her again, as talking to her she sounded like a bunny boiler!
Bloke A: Sorry mate, but you must’ve had your beer goggles on, I'd already sussed thatout and I think she’s a total moose!
Bloke B: Yeh, you’re right, that’s the last time I take someone’s number when I’m off my face.  I’m hacked off I missed the footie but will defo watch Chelsea thrash Man U next week.
Bloke A: It won’t be a doddle but we should do it as long as we don’t get any iffydecisions against us and they don’t get a jammy goal.
Bloke B: Fingers crossed.  Anyway, you getting a round in?
Bloke A: Sorry, no dosh, I’m skint.
Bloke B: OK Scrooge, I’ve got a tenner so let’s have one for the road.
Bloke A: Cheers.

Game – (n) a football match
Blond – (n) a blond-haired woman
Bunny boiler – (n) an obsessive dangerous woman (taken from the film Fatal Attraction 1987)
Mate – (n) a friend (usually used between two men)
Beer goggles – (n) this refers to having bad eyesight due to too much alcohol
Suss out – (v) work out or calculate
Moose – (n) a very unattractive woman
Off one’s face – (adj) very drunk
Hacked off – (adj) annoyed Defo – (adv) definitely Thrash – (v) beat Doddle – (n) easy Iffy – (adj) incorrect, unsound Jammy – (adj) lucky Fingers crossed – (exp) an action done for good luck Get a round in – (exp) to buy the drinks for the people you are with (usually taken in turns) Dosh – (n) money Skint – (adj) having no money Scrooge – (n) a very mean ungenerous person (taken from Charles Dickens' book A Christmas Carol)
Tenner – (n) a ten-pound note (a fiver is a five-pound note, surprise!) One for the road – (exp) the last drink before you leave the pub Cheers – (exp) said when you drink together and also means thanks

Forrás: http://www.londonschool.com/language-talk/blog/

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